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The Miller 20m Run Aerobic Fitness Test was developed by Canberra (Australia) based physical educator, John Miller.


After conducting hundreds of 'beep' tests and putting up with


- lugging a cassette or CD player around


- cassette players with flat batteries


- tapes that were stretched


- compact discs that 'jumped' a beat when someone ran too close to the recorder


- hours wasted waiting for fit people to finish the test and


- recognizing that the test wasn't discriminating enough for people who failed to keep

  up with the beeps for 2 minutes,


... John decided there must be a better way.


Based on experience he modified the 20m run so participants could register how aerobically fit they were by the number of laps they could complete in 5 minutes.


The time of 5 minutes was selected after watching thousands of people go through the test and getting the feeling that completing 41 laps (level 6.1 on the 'beep' test) was a good standard of aerobic fitness for all comers, particularly 'regular folks'.


John believes the test should be included in all medical assessments of metabolic function, particularly for people with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure - and who are over weight. It should also be a diagnostic tool for people with mental health issues.



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